If My Business is Opening Soon, How Should I Plan My Online Advertising?

If your business is opening in the near future, there are a few essential steps to take to ensure your business gets off to a great start. The number one priority is having a website that’s comprised of fresh, original and engaging content. Without strong content on your website, your online marketing efforts will only go so far.

While building your website’s content, make sure you’re practicing all of SEO’s most important standards. Even if your content is not yet 100% complete, you can still begin plotting your PPC initiatives. While running a search campaign prior to your business’ grand opening is a waste of money, running a display campaign is an effective way to drive awareness about your business. There’s no industry standard regarding how early before your opening you should launch a display campaign, but it’s not a bad idea to launch it as soon as possible. Display campaigns go a long way – even on a limited budget – so even if it’s running at just $5/day, this investment will eventually pay off.

A few weeks before your business opens, launching a Facebook campaign allows you to both spread brand awareness as well as building up a following on social media. Facebook campaigns also operate effectively on limited budgets as well and can be used to generate page likes, drive visitors to your website and promote upcoming events.

Lastly, you should launch a search campaign the same day your company is open for business. Search campaigns are essential in today’s advertising landscape, as they are effective at reaching people on mobile and desktop devices, which ultimately contribute to money for your business.

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