If I Create Videos, Will They Help Improve My SEO Rankings?

In recent years, the demand for video content has taken off. So as a business owner you may be asking yourself, “Should I be creating videos for my business?” And yes, absolutely you should! Staying on top of the current trends and learning how to integrate them into your marketing mix will help set you apart from your competitors. However, simply creating a video and posting it on your website or social media will not be enough to get you to the top. In order to rank high with video content, follow these tips to optimize your videos for SEO!

Provide Value
This should go without saying, but the videos you make should provide viewers with valuable content, such as solving a problem, common with your target audience. Making videos that provide value, sets you as an authority in your field, builds trust with viewers, and helps improve your conversion rates.

Hosting Videos
With the simplicity of YouTube, many people will go there first to upload and share their videos. This may be great for expanding your reach, but for SEO purposes, it’s almost like your just giving away credit to YouTube for your videos, because search engines will crawl them and not your website.

Video Sitemap
Much like a website XML sitemap, a video sitemap provides details about your video, that search engines need to gain a better sense of its content. It also allows you to input your video’s title, description, subject, & duration.

Video Transcripts are written versions of your videos, and are incredibly helpful if you also use the right keywords. This means that when you are recording your videos, you will want to use your targeted keywords in your speech. Transcripts can be added to the description of your video or within the HTML itself.

As you post your videos, allow the option for others to embed your video within their work. By allowing others to embed your video, you are increasing the likelihood of more backlinks to your website, a crucial part to SEO!

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