Ideas to Market Your Roofing Company Online

As a roofing contractor, gaining leads for your business can be difficult, especially if you live in an area with lots of competition. Your work needs to be high quality, but in 2021, you need to be doing more than just putting up yard signs on completed projects. It’s tough to do high-quality work and stay on top of your marketing goals, but the tech of today can make things more manageable. Let’s look at some ways to market your roofing business online. 

Build a Modern Website

A responsive, mobile-friendly website is a must-have for any business owner today. Even if you’re doing the best work in the city, you’ll need to have a website for visitors to learn about your business and a place for them to contact you. Your website needs to work well for visitors using their smartphones as well as desktops, so many people are looking for information on the go, but use a computer before making a final decision. You need to have crisp and clear imagery on your website displaying some of your best work. Finally, your website needs large and clear calls to action so that visitors can reach out to you about a new roof. 

Increase Face Time

No, we aren’t talking about video messaging. The old-fashioned type of face time, getting yourself in front of potential customers. In today’s age though, you can post more personal content to your website and social media channels to help build trust with visitors. This can be in the form of Q&As on your Facebook and joining local groups and finding other opportunities to network. As a contractor, you are your brand, so potential customers will feel more at ease when there is a real person behind the brand and work. Doing this can also help you build relationships in your local area leading to future work and opportunities. 

Maximize Your Reach on Google

To get more leads from your website organically, you’ll have to be visible on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which means focusing on your SEO. This starts by making sure that you claim your Google My Business listing so that you’ll be in control of your profile and can ensure accuracy. With this tool, you can manage reviews and respond to them as well as keep your hours updated and build trust with photos of your business and work. Another way to improve your presence on Google is by creating relevant content for your business including keywords that users use to find local roofers. Identify the key terms and queries that you want to be found for and focus on creating content that fits. It creates excellent resources for visitors to learn more will gain you more leads now and in the future. 

If you’re a roofer interested in gaining more organic leads from your website, Boston Web Marketing can help. Contact our team today to learn more about our SEO and website management services. 

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