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I found a Facebook Place for my business, how do I merge it with my business’ Facebook Page?

Anyone on Facebook can add a Place.  This can be troublesome for businesses because this may mean that you do not control your Place profile and there can be two separate profiles for your company on Facebook.  The first time a business gets “checked-in” by any Facebook user, Facebook instantly creates a Place Page for their business.  To fix this, you need to claim your Facebook Place and merge it with your Business Page.  Once you have administrative control over both the Place and the Page, your next step is to merge the Place with the current Page.

For some businesses with a physical location, a merged Page may prove to be more powerful.  The benefits of a merged Page include:

  • You have one central location to manage your Facebook fans and activity.
  • People can check in to your business/ location
  • You can promote Check-in Deals to attract more fans to come to your office.
  • People can find you easier on their phones when they are looking for places on Facebook and are in the area.

First, make sure you are logged into Facebook from your Personal Profile.  You have to be logged in this way to see the option to merge the pages.  To claim your Place, go to your Place page and click on “Is this your business?”; follow this process to claim it.  Next, go to your Admin tab, click Edit Page, then Update info.  Now click Resources on the left sidebar.  When you are logged in as your personal profile and have Admin control over 2 or more Pages, you will see the option to Request to merge duplicate Pages. The easiest way to claim your Place is through phone verification.  Provide Facebook with your business phone number and Facebook call you, give you a PIN and you enter that PIN online.  Once you receive an email from Facebook stating that your Place has been claimed, go back to the Place and click on “Merge with existing Page” in the left hand sidebar.

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