I am Seeing Low Conversions from my PPC Campaign, How Can I Increase These?

If you are running a PPC Campaign, you understand that every cent counts. Each click has a price, and each keyword has a bid. While some campaigns take off and excel immediately, some can have a slower start, or have some trouble pulling in conversions. Remember, a conversion is whenever a user takes a specific action through your ad.

To increase these, you need to look at your ad copy, your landing pages, and some of the following attributes.

First things first, you need to look at your images. People want images. They don’t want to read ads upon ads, with nothing to break up the structure. In regards to Ecommerce, these images are necessary. Shoppers want to see the product from many different angles and zoom in.

Next, add product review extensions. In today’s world where Yelp is gaining popularity, many people are looking at reviews before purchasing a product. Something to note here: your product reviews need to be current for your ads to get approved. (Reviews cannot be older than 1 year)

Once you have reviews down, be sure to implement side by side product comparisons. Similarly to the reviews, users want to see how your product stacks up next to the other guys.

To supplement the product review extensions, you’ll need good testimonials from pleased customers. People want to see that their purchase is worth it.

Finally – Bing Ads have a chat option to connect the user with a Shopping Assistant. This eases the process of buying a product, and can help the customer get answers to their questions right away. Lastly, you should link your ads to any places in the media that they are mentioned, to increase visibility.

Once all or most of these are completed, you will start to see your campaign’s numbers increase. Keep eyes on your daily budget and keyword bidding, and soon your PPC Campaign will be running flawlessly.

For more tips, check out a cheat-sheet on how to get more conversions in AdWords, available here.

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