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HTTPS Now Accounts for Half of Google’s First Page Results

Did you know the number of HTTPS results on the first page of Google has increased 20% in the time frame of 9 months? However, according to Moz, it is due to the fact that there is a consistent increase in the adoption of HTTPS rather than the algorithm updates released by Google. Moz has also predicted that by the end of 2017, 65% of front page results on Google would be HTTPS results.

Although there is an increasing rate of HTTPS adoption, yet, Google has previously confirmed that it has no plans to boost the HTTPS ranking. Thus, this could be why some of the biggest corporations in the world have yet to switch to HTTPS.

Here is a list of major corporations that have yet to switch to HTTPS:

So, is it worth it to switch in order to get a boost in ranking?

Although there is no direct answer to that question, but consider that Google will start indicating non-HTTPS pages as non-secure. It is still highly recommended to switch to HTTPS if your website collects sensitive and confidential information such as credit cards. HTTPS also improves the security of your website in order for it to be less likely to be hacked by hackers.



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