How YouTube Impacts SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine, just behind Google, with over 2 billion logged-in users on the platform. With such a large amount of people using YouTube, there are many opportunities and benefits that come along with this. By using SEO tools on YouTube, this allows brands, businesses, people, etc. to reach a wider audience and also, improve their online presence and engagement! Continue reading our blog to learn more in-depth about how YouTube impacts SEO.

YouTube SEO Impacts Video Engagement

YouTube video engagement metrics such as subscribers, views, likes, comments, watch time all add up to how your YouTube video ranks. The search engine uses these engagement metrics to measure the quality of the video. The higher these metrics are, the higher the video will rank compared to videos with lower metrics.

Using SEO tools on YouTube indirectly impact these metrics. The search engine, YouTube analyzes video attributes including title, description, tags, etc. YouTube’s SEO makes sure that these attributes are optimized which allows videos to be visible for relevant keywords. The more a video ranks organically, the more likely it has high engagement metrics.

Embedding YouTube Videos

From research, it has been shown that a majority of the video search results on Google are from YouTube. When a business creates a YouTube video, it is important to embed the video on their website. Having the video embedded on their website will lead to a longer engagement time from users. Embedding a YouTube video to your website keeps users on the website to watch the full video rather than providing a link that takes the users to YouTube. Combining YouTube content with website content is beneficial for both channels. The YouTube video will receive more views, higher watch times, and the websites landing page will have improved engagement.

Improvement of Media Metrics

YouTube SEO can assist in improving paid media metrics. Organic search and paid search are important for both Google and YouTube. Growing your audiences organically will increase the target groups which paid media can then use in different ad formats. YouTube SEO can effect the performance of paid media by expanding the audience. The improvement of media metrics from YouTube SEO can be done organically or paid.

Organic Growth

SEO tools can be used to organically grow a YouTube channel. To come up with content ideas for a video, it is important to start with extensive keyword research. Upon creating a YouTube video, implementing best SEO practices such as optimized titles and descriptions, linking relevant pages, etc. Also, using another website to promote your video is important, along with embedding the video. Lastly, you can try paid media and then monitor the impact that SEO activity has on YouTube campaigns. Using SEO tactics is an opportunity to grow your audience and your channel organically.

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