How You Can Use Google Trends to Determine Your YouTube Strategy

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, bested only by its parent company, Google. Knowing how to make videos is one part of the challenge of maintaining a YouTube channel, but the other is knowing what content will help boost your videos in search rankings for users looking for specific answers, goods or services. One of the most effective and free tools available to all users, including marketers, that can help determine what is popular in search is Google Trends, a constantly updating index of top-performing trends in geographic areas. There are several ways you can use Google Trends to curate your video content for your YouTube channel. 


Google Trends has a “Categories” feature that can help you see some topics that fall into overall themes and topics covered by your channel, even if some are not exact matches for your business. This will show what is trending in your geographic area under specific categories to see what potential customers are looking for. This will help you narrow down potential content topics within a broader field to meet the needs of your users. 

Research on Search Types

Google Trends doesn’t just let you see searches based on standard web search and results pages. Within Google Trends, you’ll be able to see what’s trending within YouTube search as well, which can help inform topics for your videos and how you market them to viewers. You will also be able to see the similarities and differences in how users perform searches on the different networks, which can help you organize your priorities when developing videos.

Seasonal Trend Research

Does your business see more leads or foot traffic depending on the season? Using Google Trends can help you determine seasonal trends and what makes sense for you to focus on. This helps primarily with content that you are looking to schedule in advance. Other keywords and searches may trend during the season unexpectedly, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Halloween celebrations. Situational trends are also critical to study, especially if your business or customers may be impacted.  

Video Optimization & Search Engine Optimization Services

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