How You Can Improve Organic CTR For Your Content

Search engines are the most important traffic sources for websites. No two sets of search results are the same, that’s why it is important to learn how to improve your organic clickthrough rate (CTR). With SEO, it is important to focus on ranking, but it is equally as important to improve your clickthrough rate. Read on to learn five ways to optimize your organic click through for your content.

Five Ways to Improve Organic Clickthrough For Your Content


1.Focus on improving your page titles

The page title is the most noticeable part of your search results. With that being said, it makes it extremely important to focus on improving those titles to increase your clickthrough rate. You can make your titles more effective by testing different headlines for a page and seeing which ones are the best for users. It is also a good idea to include proper formatting for the titles as the appearance matters. Try to make sure the wording is not cut off in the SERP as it makes it less appealing.

2. Improve URL structure by making it more descriptive

The URL is the next component that users see in their SERP. It’s a good spot to include some keywords that people may be searching for. Microsoft has found that descriptive URLs perform 25% better than generic and non-descriptive ones. That’s a huge additional percentage of traffic that you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Update your meta descriptions

The meta description is what appears under the URL and allows for a more descriptive explanation of the page. This is where you can improve the CTR by including powerful words and phrases that appeal to the user’s brain. Similar to page titles, appearance is important so it’s best to make sure the descriptions are not too long or it won’t get many clicks. 

4. Improve site speed

Google is linked with sites loading speeds.  A click only counts when a user actually lands on your page, so having a fast site speed allows for a higher CTR. If the speed is too slow or doesn’t load in a certain amount of time, users will lose patience and click back to find another page before yours loads. Monitoring and improving your site speed allows for a higher CTR.

5. Set up Schema Structured Data

Including structured data from is a great way to increase the odds of users clicking on your site. The structured data includes info from the content like ratings, images and even event time or baking time for recipes and events.  With all this extra info, more people will be interested in clicking on your site, which will soon result in an overall CTR increase.

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