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How Will the SEO Trends Change in 2018?

User Experience

Considering Google’s recent tendencies with customized SERP’s, UX is expected to play a more significant role in the search.

The most important factor is your target audience. The marketer needs to know the audience well in order to create not just well-written, but a really engaging and relevant content.

In order to track user behavior, you should install Google Analytics code and frequently check for pages that have high bounce rate – those are the ones that need to be worked on.


Accelerated Mobile Pages  

According to Hitwise, mobile search in the US accounts for 58% of search queries.

Considering the increasing mobile usage, Google plans to continue to favor websites and pages that load faster on your smartphone. Google’s research suggests that users are not likely to stay on a page that takes over 3 seconds to load.

AMP is expected to become the next ranking factor and will significantly affect your organic visibility. Start building AMP’s for your business now to be ahead of the game.


Artificial Intelligence

One of Google’s latest updates RankBrain became the prototype of AI running the search query. Eventually, AI has a potential to administer the search completely. However, there isn’t much known about this algorithm yet, except for it being one of three most influential ranking factors.

The benefits of AI can be listed endlessly. It can learn individual user’s tendencies and make the SERP’s more relevant. AI is also more perceptive to blackhat SEO techniques and will be able to filter unethical practices.

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