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How Will SEO Change in 2017?

With 2017 now officially over a month old, a lot of SEOs are asking the question; How will SEO change in 2017? While nobody (except for Google) can say exactly what will change, it’s safe to say that there are trends from 2016 that hint towards what will more likely than not happen in 2017.

The thing about search engine optimization is that it is always changing, even week to week. There will always be speculation about what’s around the corner for types of practices that will either help or harm your websites search rankings. When taking into account what’s worked in past months for SEOs and also closely monitoring what the experts at Google are saying, it’s actually possible to get an idea of what the future holds.

2017 will be an interesting year for SEO, there is no doubt about that. No two years in the past have been the same when it comes changes and algorithm updates, and we can confidently say the same for 2017. So what will the trends be for the next 10 or so months? Take a look below for some of our prediction for the future of SEO.

  1. Mobile will gain traction- This one might not be that big of a surprise considering the sheer amount of searches that are now trending in the mobile device direction. SEOs will have to pay careful attention this year to how well optimized their sites are for the mobile search experience. There are already reports of site with a better mobile experience outranking their similar counterparts that may not have optimized for mobile search or ignored having a responsive site all together.
  2. Deeper analysis- New developments in reporting software and tools allow for all new methods to show how your site is doing SEO-wise. Just about all of your efforts can be tracked somehow to show what’s working and what may need to be tweaked. This will also help with transparency when dealing with clients, you will have better access to hard data that can tell the whole story of your SEO journey
  3. More long form content- Google has been putting more of an emphasis on rewarding great content rather than thin content that is riddled with keywords. This means that long form content production is more important that ever. If you don’t fancy yourself the greatest writer, it may be a good idea to outsource some of you more important content pieces to experienced freelance content writers or even hire an in-house content writer if budget permits.
  4. Regular Maintenance- For those that are not full time SEOs it is important to not just revisit your strategy every 6 months or so, but pay regular attention to what your are doing on at the very least a weekly basis. With changes to Google search ranking algorithm becoming more and more frequent it is important to understand that something that worked for you a few months ago may be obsolete. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with SEO it may be a good time to hire a dedicated SEO or agency to help you get found!

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