How will Microsoft’s New Spartan Browser Differ from Internet Explorer?

Details about Microsoft’s new browser were formally unveiled at its Window’s 10 preview event last week. The new browser, dubbed Spartan, was made to be the lightweight alternative to Internet Explorer. With its minimalist design and new slew of user-friendly features, Spartan was created as a response to many users’ complaints against Internet Explorer. Microsoft hopes that in time the Spartan browser will replace IE, debuting on different platforms like Apple iOS, and dominating user popularity against rising competitors Google Chrome.


What can this new browser offer? Here are a few interesting features that may make you consider switching from your current browser.

A Variety of Third-Party Extensions.

Much like its competitor Google Chrome, Spartan will include extensions, which support third-party programming code to expand functionality beyond the normal functions of the browser itself. From lifestyle to organization to games, the variety of extensions available on Spartan  will offer the opportunity for customization for each user.


Pre-installed Annotation Program.

Have you ever wanted to take notes directly on a website without the hassle of taking a screenshot and using a separate program to edit it? With Spartan, real-time annotation will be fast and easy. New features include the ability to take a live web page and make it static, mark and highlight content, and add comments.


Personal Assisting When You Need It Most.

Microsoft reveals that Cortana, its digital assisting software, will be integrated into the Spartan browser when necessary. For example, Cortana will be triggered by a page that discusses a weather forecast or the news.



Spartan is not currently available for public and will not be part of the first Windows 10 preview in February, Microsoft officials said. Both Spartan and Internet Explorer 11 will be included in future versions of the Windows 10. Luckily, free updates will also be available to users with previous Windows versions.

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