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How Will Google’s Continuous Scroll Impact My SEO?

In case you haven’t been to the bottom of a Google page on mobile recently, we’ll cut right to the chase: Google is rolling out a change on its mobile interface to allow for continuous scrolling, no longer will it separate search results by pages.

What is Continuous Scroll?

Continuous scroll is a feature in UI/UX that rids the need for multiple pages within one set of content. Of course this feature was pushed out many years ago by Facebook and Twitter and has since been utilized by Instagram, Tik Tok, other forms of social media and even blogs and publications around the world. While this practice is sometimes criticized for lending itself to addictive habits, it’s generally considered a pretty standard practice in the world of UI, it’s objective, of course, is to have users spend more time consuming content and less time navigating to the next page.

Will This Impact Data From Google?

For now at least, everything will stay the same from an analytics perspective. Search Console won’t be separating mobile and desktop traffic, and the position metric will stay in place. There is a possibility that this could change in the future, but it’s not likely at the moment.

Will This Feature be Carried Over to Desktop?

This seems like the most likely scenario over time. While we certainly don’t have a concrete timeline yet, it makes sense that Google would try this out first on mobile, especially cleaning up a somewhat cramped UI at the bottom of the page by removing the need for those extra navigation buttons.

How Will This Feature Impact My SEO?

For now, on mobile, it is likely that the change won’t have a huge impact on your website traffic either way. As Google isn’t a social media platform, their use for utilizing it is quite different from that of Facebook or Twitter, but it will be interesting to see how this feature impacts user behavior going forward. Of course this change is highly relevant for those who have listings on the top of the second page for target queries. There’s a good chance that you will see an increase in monthly clicks from mobile users.

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