How Will Google’s Advertising Console New Page Speed Results Impact My Site?

If you are utilizing Google Ads, you know while the ad itself is important, the landing page it brings users too is equally or more important. Bringing users who clicked on your ad to relevant landing pages that provide them a solution is key to driving meaningful conversions. Google announced there has been an update regarding how to marketers can check the page speed of their landing pages in an easy to understand way within Google’s Advertising Console. Here are Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a blog reviewing this update and new tool!

Easy to Read and Understand

Google wanted to make things easy for marketers to understand their mobile landing pages, page speed. Within Advertising console, your landing page will now have a score associated with how quickly it loads for those viewing on mobile. With more than 60% of search queries coming from mobile and other handheld devices, it is critical your landing page and site overall is optimized for mobile. Ensuring your site is mobile friendly or ‘responsive’ is no longer an option, but a requirement if you want to be found or rank well on Google.

Page speeds will be displayed in an ‘out-of-10’ point system, with a 10/10 being the best score possible. If you have checked page speeds in the past, you may remember entering a URL into to see both how your site ranks on mobile and desktop. This tool ranks pages out of 100 with scores varying in between. This tool can be used in conjunction with the score provided in Google’s Advertising Console as the last tool mentioned provides more insights into what you can edit to increase the speed.

Slow Pages mean High Bounce Rates

Today, attention spans while on one’s mobile device is short, to say the least. It is common knowledge that slow page speeds will adversely affect a sites bounce rate. If utilizing you are utilizing Pay-per-click advertising, having slow page speeds is the equivalent of throwing away money!

Boston Web Marketing: Let us manage your Google Ads and increase your Sites Speed!

Boston Web Marketing has expertise in providing local and companies with nation-wide capabilities with successful paid Ad campaigns. Our partnership with Google lets us see upcoming trends and updates to their algorithms, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. If you have questions regarding how landing page speed affects your paid ad campaigns, give Boston Web Marketing today!

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