How will Firefox Mozilla improve your search experience?

Just less than a week ago after Firefox announced they would have Yahoo replace Google as their default search browser, they have informed us they will be releasing a few more features. Firefox users will be able to choose their own search engine in the search bar, as well as an overall improved search experience.

When a user types into the search bar they will get an organized list of suggested search terms relative to the default search browser. Another exciting feature includes the ability to search through a variety of search engines and directories. Before hitting enter or clicking “search” the user will be able to choose if they want to search through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and more.

The “one-click search engines” options will be customizable. Users will easily be able to hide or show search options that they would like. Mozilla has indicated that MDN, Stack Overflow, Yelp and Dictionary sites may be add to the list of options. Unfortunately we don’t have a concrete release date, as they have only stated that the new features are “coming soon to a Firefox near you”.

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