How Will A Blog Benefit My Business?

For many business owners, it is a mystery as to why they would have a blog on their website. For many people, a blog is something closely followed by people waiting to hear from someone of interest, meant to tell stories or share content on common interest but since the introduction of digital marketing, blogs have been used for a different purpose.

Search Engine Optimization includes a host of strategies to get more traffic to your website organically by improving your rankings in search results. The ways in which you can improve your position on search engine results pages are dictated by the algorithms made by Google and other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, which are constantly being updated. Writing original blog posts are a great way to adhere to several of these algorithms.

Relevant Content

Search engines favor websites that are updated frequently with high-quality content; new content tells search engines that your business’ website is still relevant. It is valuable to both your business and others if you are consistently posting content that is both relevant to your business and helpful to others. While some blog post views will lead to business, some will not but these views will still be valuable for your website. For example, if you own a contracting company and write a blog post about kitchen remodel ideas, you will likely attract traffic to your website from outside your service area simply because someone across the country is searching for new ideas for their kitchen. While they likely won’t contact you to oversee their remodel job, search engines know how many people visit your website and will give your site more authority over similar competitors who do not have as much traffic.

Diversified Anchor Text for Links

Internal linking is an important aspect of SEO. Simply put, the more internal links with relevant anchor text will help Search engines understand the content on your site. This, in turn, helps you show up in more search results.

Social Media Content

A blog is an easy way to produce content for your social media accounts. Not only will you be able to now regularly post relevant content, but this is also a great way to engage with users who already want to hear what you have to say. Additionally, writing your blogs strategically with ‘Call to actions’ and potential incentives for those who read the page will ensure people continue to come back and keep reading.

Boston Web Marketing: Creating Blog Content for our Clients

Writing blog posts with the knowledge of how Google’s algorithms work can be extremely beneficial for your business. Boston Web Marketing offers search engine optimization services including blog writing and management. Contact us today and get an estimate on SEO services for your business!

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