How Were People Searching Super Bowl Ads?

As almost everyone knows now, for a simple 30 second Super Bowl ad, advertisers spend millions and millions of dollars. The reach and audience they are able to target is unmatched in any other United States TV broadcast. Not to mention the number of people that watch the actual game, but ads during the Super Bowl are actually paid attention to. A large number of people after watching an ad they like, or find interesting, take to Googles search engines for more information.

According to Google, more than 7.5 million searches were made in regard to the Super Bowl advertisements. Up from 70 percent last year, we also saw 82 percent of Super Bowl ad-driven searches come from mobile phones.  Any Super Bowl advertiser that didn’t take full advantage of this mobile search volume could have lost out. In regard to the other 18 percent of Google & YouTube searches, 11 percent were on desktops/laptops and 7 percent happened on tablets. These numbers continue to suggest that we are becoming a more mobile world. From corporate enterprises to local small businesses, the importance of an easy to navigate mobile website has never been more important.

Super Bowl Searches By Quarter

Searches driven by Super Bowl ads were at their highest during the 1st and 2nd Quarters. As the score remained close during the 2nd half, ad-related searches fell off. Google also released a variety of more trend data related to the Super Bowl that I suggest fans check out.

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