How Twitter Can Be Helpful With Google SEO

First of all, what is social SEO and how can it help improve your search engine rankings. Having a positive social activity around your website can make it easier/faster to rank your site in search engines. It’s a great way to reach out to a wider audience through shares and likes, we share our insights on how Twitter can benefit towards your Google SEO.

Optimizing your website. Make small tweaks to your website to make it easier for your visitors to share will boost your content engagement and traffic

Build honest connections on Twitter. Unfortunately, social media is full of spam accounts which are why it is important to build a strong and relevant audience on Twitter. This way, your loyal followers will stay on your website with a potential of leading to a conversion.

Targeting your audience at the right time. Google Analytics report is a great way to analyze which day and time of week your visitors are most active coming through Twitter.

Improving profile information. Believe it or not, this is an important section for the first impression. Keeping it visible pleasing with relevant keywords can give a good impression to your website. Be consistent and do the same with other social media profiles.

Trends. Keep an eye out on what’s trending on Twitter, this could spark up more ideas on what to post for better engagement with your content.

Hashtags. Hashtags is an obvious way to broaden up your tweets. Look and use hashtags appropriately through trends to your relevance. Nothing looks bad then seeing a spam of hashtags seeking for attention.

Use Images. Instead of posting out text, add some images to throw in a little mixture of content. Images are great because they attract more visitors.

Optimizing Bing. Keep in mind that Bing is another great search engine that can also bring traffic to your website. Diversity is key in attracting a wider audience.

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