How to Write for SEO in 2018

How should you go about writing for SEO in 2018? Most of the SEO advice out there is outdated or potentially blackhat. The tactics that may have worked in the past could get your site penalized today. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s you could rank a page really high in search results by simply including a bunch of keywords you wanted to rank for. If you tried that today, you will end up getting hit with the Google Penguin penalty. Here are three ways to write for SEO in 2018.

Answering the User’s Question

Both Google and Bing have improved dramatically when it comes to determining how to provide users with the best answers to their questions. If someone’s query is “affordable places to eat in Boston,” chances are they are looking for price friendly restaurants. If your webpage returned with a list of budget friendly restaurants that answers the user’s question, then there’s a good chance your page will be ranked well.

Determining the User’s Intent

If a user searched for a “1969 Ford Mustang,” it would be safe to presume that this user is likely interested in potentially purchasing that Mustang model and wants to view comparable prices. Example of useful results would be pages with different dealerships with various prices or information from Ford Motor’s Mustang page. It would not match the user’s intent if the results came back showing toy models or posters with the 1969 Mustang.   

Using Words and Phrases that are Commonly Associated with the Topic

By adding keywords that are often associated with the topic, it will help boost your page. If you have a page about camping, including keywords that are often associated with camping such as tents, camp, campsite, cabin, flashlight, sleeping bag, will be beneficial for your page because Google recognizes that these keywords are often associated with  “camping.”

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