How to Write Effective MetaData for Local SEO

For local SEO, your goal is to be found for your services in your target locations. When we are writing page titles and meta descriptions for the pages on our local business website, we have three main goals we want to achieve.

  1. First, we always want to include our service keywords in our page title and meta description. If the page is about our “junk removal services”, we want to include that keyword in both the title and description. For the description, we would want to include deeper keywords as well, such as “commercial” or “residential” junk removal.
  2. Second, we want to include the service area we are targeting. For the page title, we would most likely only use one location, typically our immediate town or city, or the closest major city. For the meta description, we would want to use the main service city that we used in the page title, as well as two-three other nearby cities or towns that we want to get found for.
  3. Third, we want to write all this in the form of a complete and readable sentence. We want to make sure all of our service and area keywords are in the form of a complete and well-written sentence. Our pages will not rank if we just list off all our keywords. Search engines such as Google encourage us to write for users, and this applies to meta descriptions as well.

Following these steps will help your pages rank locally.

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