How to Write Content that Drives Traffic

Generating a few pieces of content may seem minimal but this could potentially gain you a lot of traffic or significantly hurt your website. You need to understand algorithm updates, what keywords should be used in your website and include call-to-actions to gain conversions. Every piece of content you write matters. Below are some tips on what to look out for when generating content for your business.

Keyword Research: Pick topics from keywords that are regularly searched. Search volume leads to interest, and this guarantees what you are writing about is interesting to your target demographic. Utilize Google’s Keyword Planner to ensure you are using high-volume keywords. If you’re producing content with keywords that aren’t relevant or low-volume, your content won’t increase traffic or conversions.

Calls-to-Action: There should be at least one call to action on every page of your website, within the content. By not offering a call to action, you’re leaving your visitors in the dark. It’s crucial that they have the ability to take steps towards either reaching out to the company or at least knowing more about the company which will ultimately become conversions. These features and options will contribute to the conversation funneling process.

H-Tags:  To easily define your page’s organizational structure and emphasize section headers, use HTML heading tags (H1-H6). An H-tag will also make your page reader-friendly by making it more skimmable. Many Search Engine Optimization specialists believe that text placed in an H-tag is paid more attention to by search engines. This makes H-tags an extremely common SEO practice.

Captivating Photos/Images:  This should be the most obvious option to create traffic on your site. Just like people eat with their eyes, they click with their eyes as well. Pairing the right images with the right text will keep people on your page. With the addition of alt text, you’re also creating more possibilities of people searching the connected keywords. It’s a no-brainer!







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