How to Write an Enticing Headline

You can write the most informative and topical blog post on a subject, but it won’t get any attention if it doesn’t have a catchy headline. Headlines help gain clicks and clicks are the only ways to gain readers. So in this blog, we’re going to explore how you can write attractive headlines without crossing the line into click-bait territory. Let’s dig in.

Why are Headlines Important?

A headline is a title that is designed to catch the reader’s attention while describing the content on the other side of the lick accurately. It’s typically one of the only factors that people use to decide if your article is worth reading. Depending on the platform, you may have a corresponding image, but not always.

Social Media Headlines

On social media, users have an endless feed full of breaking news, posts from their friends, and ads tailored to their interests. You’re competing with all of these, so it’s crucial to write an eye-catching headline and include a relevant high-quality image with the post. 

Email Subjects

Think about how many emails you’re inundated on a daily basis, it’s probably similar for much of your audience. You want to be one of the few emails that users click on in their cluttered inbox. Include emojis and the recipient’s name if you can to help the headline feel more personal. 

On Google

Most websites get a majority of their traffic from Google. Quality content is one of the best ways to rank high on SERPs but relevant headlines and titles will lead to more click-throughs which is also a factor. 

Writing a Headline

Whenever you’re creating content, you want to begin with a concise headline to keep your content focused. It can be tempting to take the clickbait approach with your headlines but don’t take this route, readers will catch on and avoid your website. 

Let’s dig into the process:

Choose a Style

Let’s say you’re writing about the best running shoes. There’s a number of ways you can approach this:

  • Lists: Top 10 Running Shoes in 2021
  • Comparison: New Balance vs. Mizuno: Which is the Best Running Shoe?
  • Review: Addidas UltraBoost: Performance & Fit
  • How To: Select the Best Running Shoe for your Arch

This is a great opportunity to get creative with your content. Don’t forget that you’re targeting an audience on Google though, so don’t choose what you think is best, do some research and find what’s trending. 

A Winning Proposition

Now that you’ve got your style down, it’s time to communicate who this article is for and who it benefits. Using the list example above, popular searches that could inspire your headline could be something like “Top 10 Running Shoe for Men in 2021”. It’s important to make sure that there’s enough to write about when it comes to a headline, so consider your level of expertise as well. 

Humanize It

Your readers are humans, so you want to write a headline for humans. Sometimes it makes sense to be casual or more conversational language with your headlines. Below are some options using our running shoe example: 

  • 10 Best Running Shoes for Smashing PRs
  • 10 Best Running Shoes for Getting Moving Again
  • 10 Best Running Shoes for Couch to 5k

Use your readers and audience for inspiration here, talk about the products or services the way every day people do. Each and every industry has its unique terms and jargon, make sure you’re educated on the topic and familiar to gain trust. 

Wrapping Up

Knowing your audience and industry is a huge part of writing winning headlines. Stay up to date on trends and breaking news so that you can become an authority on search engines.

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