How to Write Ad Copy for PPC?

Pay per Click (PPC) can be incredibly lucrative for your business or it can turn out to be a kind of a waste. You could spend time analyzing every potential factor of where you went wrong, but what you should do is turn your gaze to your ad text. Ad copy is what separates a very successful advertisement from a failure. Adwords, perhaps one of the most popular PPC platforms, only allows a finite amount of room for you to capture the attention of an online user and get them to click on the ad. However, there are no sure-fire ways to succeed with PPC ad copy but you can follow some good basic practices.

Don’t Be Bland

No one wants a boring ad but, sadly, they are rampant online. A boring ad doesn’t mean it’s not well put together, it just means it’s not memorable. A dull advertisement won’t call out to someone perusing the web but if you input colorful words and try to get some emotion out of them, you’ll likely see more success. Focus on what brings customers to your brand and then come up with a few ways you can weave some emotion into your ads. This emotion doesn’t have to be positive either. Negative emotions can be just as impactful in getting users to click on your ads as happy ones. It may sound manipulative, but it’s important to leverage your audiences’ emotions in order for your ads to truly stand out.

Be Aware of What Your Audience Wants

In ads, it’s easy for companies to talk about themselves since they know everything there is to know about their company. But, this is not what consumers are looking for. Those who click on your ad may be interested in what your company stands for, but they’re more interested in what your company can offer them or do for them. If your PPC ad presents a way you can solve a potential customers’ problem, you’re bound to experience more overall success. To hone your copy, put yourself in your customers’ position and think about what kind of problems they may need solutions to. Once you’ve nailed down some solid ideas, get to writing ad copy that serves as a response to the needs of your general audience.

Focus on What Makes Your Brand Unique

When you’re in a saturated industry, you must make yourself stand out from your competitors. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Since you’re limited to a finite amount of space, really focus on what you offer that others don’t and then convey that to readers. Has your company won any awards for your services, are you having a special offer, or is your company doing things vastly different than others in the industry? These are all important questions to ask yourself when writing ad copy. If your company blends in with most others, really focus on what makes you, or can make you, stand out from the crowd.

The key to writing an excellent ad copy is knowing what your audience wants and how to hook them. Focus on the key qualities of your company that your customers, both loyal and new, really love about you, and then use those qualities to your advantage in your ad copy. Stellar ads come from companies who know how to present fresh and exciting ways to answer their customers’ needs and wants.

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