How to Write a Readable Blog

Chances are that if you want to keep your website active and current, you have a blog on the site which you update regularly.  At least you should!

Updating your blog on a regular basis not only keeps the content on your site fresh, but it can also draw continued traffic if it’s interesting and readable.  Here are a few tips for developing a style for your own blog.

  • Reflect the tone of your site and think about your audience.  If you run a scholarly site, you probably want to adopt a more formal tone, if you’re selling product you might want to go for something more informal and descriptive.  Think about the ultimate purpose of your blog.
  • Read a lot of stuff!  Look at how others write their blogs or read news articles or books.  You can learn a lot about writing styles just by reading.
  • Pay attention to comments.  This is a great way to discover which blogs your readers respond to.  Try to keep that style going.
  • Be vivid with your language choices.  The more colorful and active your style, the more apt people are to read and come back for more.
  • Before you post it, get some feedback.  Another set of eyes is always helpful and can provide some valuable input.

Over time, you’ll find your voice.




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