How to Write a Meaningful Mission Statement for your Website

The mission statement on your website tells visitors what your company is all about. It tells users why they should be interested in your website’s pages and posts. Your mission statement aims to answer questions about your brand concisely and simply. Mission statements are often overlooked, but we’ll go over how to create a powerful mission statement on your website in this blog.

What’s a Mission Statement?

Your website’s mission statement should consist of the cornerstone ideas about your business or organization. You want visitors to your website to fill out a contact form, read a blog, or interact with it in another way. But beyond that, the mission statement should help convey the value that your business adds in comparison to competitors. 

Perhaps you’re a roofer who wants to set appointments with potential leads; that’s your website’s goal, but you don’t want that to be the messaging on your website. You want to express what makes your company unique, the value that you offer, along with some inspiration for readers. The goal is to help users understand your business’s services and everything else you provide. Don’t sell yourself short when writing your mission statement.

Writing a Clear Mission Statement

Take your time when you begin to write your mission statement. Remember, your mission statement shouldn’t be to grow the business 10x or something like that. It’s about the value that your business brings and what positions you as an industry leader locally or otherwise. You want to make it clear where your business operates, how your services help people, and what drives your team to deliver on your services. Answer these questions to begin boiling down your mission statement. Communicate with other members of the business as well to ensure that your mission statement is a fit for your brand and audience. 

Ways to Express Your Mission

Now that your mission statement is drafted, it’s time to make sure that it’s reflected on your website, on the about us page, but other pages as well. You want your website content to coincide with your mission statement as well; otherwise, it probably doesn’t make much sense as your mission statement to begin with. 

Let’s go back to the example of a roofer. You want to show off some roofs that you’ve installed in the communities that you work in. This shows visitors that you aren’t all talk; you stand behind your work as well and want to show it off. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true on the internet. One of the best ways to tell users about your services is by showing them with high-quality imagery. Staying consistent with your communication will ensure that all of your posts and pages are aligned with your mission statement.

In Conclusion

Every small business starts as a dream and an idea. You always start with what makes your business unique and why there’s a need for it in the market. Don’t forget about that initial inspiration when writing your mission statement. It’s why you started your business in the first place beyond just making money. Show visitors that you see them as more than a dollar sign. 

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