How to Write a Headline for Your Business Facebook Ads

According to Facebook, there are about 300,000 statuses being updated on Facebook and 500 comments are posted per minute. The competition can get very tough even if you pay Facebook to boost your ad’s visibility. In addition to that, it is up to the viewer to actually click on the ad or not, so if you don’t have creative content, your chances are going to be slim against your competitors.

Here are some ways how you can write a clear, concise and attention-grabbing headline:

  • Ask a Question – What are the best places to visit for a millennial? In this headline, it identified the audience “millennial” and used a positive superlative “best.” It gave Facebook readers a reason to click on the ad if they want to find out some of the best places to visit. 
  • Start with a Call to Action – “Get your free Ebook.” It tells a benefit of “free Ebook” right away for a Facebook reader and it urges them to click on it.
  • Educate Your Readers – “Learn how to make perfect pasta in this easy recipe.” A  headline that lists what will the benefits be for your readers is a better way to drive traffic than simply listing the features such as “Join our cooking class.” 
  • Use Lists – People adore lists because it simply makes their brains easier process the huge amount of information we take in every day. It basically categorizes them for the readers. Here is an example of a Facebook headline that utilizes lists: “5 Easy Tips on How to Lower Your Electricity Bill in the Summer.”

For more information on how to write long-tail keywords, check out our previous post on how to use Netflix to brainstorm long-tail keywords.

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