How to Write a Good Post for Your Business Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page set up for your business, and you should, you want to make sure that your posts are effective and help to promote your brand or product.   Here are some ideas for making the best of your posts.

1) Make the content engaging.  Talk about things that are interesting to people.  If you have a food product or restaurant, share recipes or highlight specials.  If you’re a car dealership, talk specifics about your inventory or highlight different models.

2) Use nice images that catch the eye.  Show off your stuff to get people to pay attention.

3) Ask questions or take polls or ask for suggestions.  This is great way to create a dialogue with your customers or prospects.

4) Share insider deals, specials or discounts.  If you do that often enough, people will return to your page.

5) Post frequently.  If your page is active and updated frequently, people are more apt to keep checking in.  Make a calendar for yourself for future topics or updates so you are prepared.  You an even use the scheduling feature to write them in advance and schedule them to post at a future date.

6) Check-in regularly.  By this, I mean don’t just post, read.  See what people are saying.  Respond to comments, suggestions and ideas.  Sometimes a simple “thanks” can go a long way.

7) Target your posts.  If you have different specials or products for different areas, make sure your audience knows.

8) Link back to your site pages. Wherever you have website content that compliments your post, add a link!


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