How to Write a Good Meta Description 

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is the snippet of text that you can find under the page title on a search engine results page. The meta description should be a short description of what that page is. This is what a lot of users will read and decide if the content on that page is useful or relevant to them before clicking on your website.

How To Write a Meta Description

  • 160 Characters: It is a good rule of thumb to keep your meta descriptions around 160 characters. If you go a little over or under that character length, that’s okay. The reason it is around 160 characters is that Google can cut off meta descriptions that go over that length on a search engine results page.
  • Location: It is also essential when writing a good meta description to add the location of where your business is located or where you are providing your services, if applicable. Adding the location can help users see if you are in their area and help your business rank in searches in that specific location.
  • Description: It is also very important you give a relevant and accurate short description of what the page is actually about. Adding services or products you provide is also a great addition to your meta description.
  • Make It Unique: It is very important to write different meta descriptions unique to the different pages of your website. If you copy and paste the same description for multiple pages, it will look as though those pages are exactly the same when they are not. 

Include Call to Action: If you have characters left and do not know what to add to the rest of your meta description, it is a good idea to add a call to action! Calls to action can include; Book Now!, Learn More, Call Today!, Read More!, etc. Calls to action should be actionable and used to entice users.

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