How to Utilize Schema Markups?

Schema markup is a relatively new SEO function, yet it is a useful tool and adds valuable information to your listing. It is actually a joint venture between Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and it’s basically an effort to standardize markup vocabulary and provide better search results. Schema markup is a code that is added to your HTML, and this enhances the rich snippets located under your page title in the search result page. Schema is a unique set of semantic vocabulary that gets added within HTML. It is fairly easy to use, and it does not require extensive coding knowledge. Schema helps search engines better understand your data.

What information can you put in a Schema?

While schema is helpful for search engines, it is even more useful for users. Businesses can use schema markup to display helpful information about their business. For example, review rich snippets can show reviews right in the snippet section of the listing. This can be useful for service businesses built on reputation and reviews. It gives users quick and easy access to valuable information they were likely looking for. Companies hosting events can also create a schema markup showing calendar events or schedules. For example, a movie theatre or concert venue can display upcoming event times. The schema markup structured data can be used for several items, including:

  1. Local businesses
  2. Movie theatres and concert venues
  3. Articles
  4. FAQ
  5. How-to
  6. Products
  7. Events

Mostly, if you have any site or business featuring some sort of data, chances are there is some type of markup associated with that data, and you can use schema markup to your advantage.

Would it help my rankings?

While there is currently no hard evidence suggesting that incorporating schema markup benefits your search rankings, the issue has long been debated.  Google states that schema does not affect rankings, but there have been many studies conducted indicating otherwise. Regardless of ranking potential or not, schema markup is beneficial to any site and is highly recommended.

If you own a business or website and are interested in implementing schema markup within your site, or simply have more questions regarding schema, contact the SEO professionals at Boston Web Marketing today!

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