How to Use Your Website to Track Conversions

While getting high monthly traffic with the right audience is an important part of any marketing strategy, turning that traffic into actionable leads is even more important to growing your business. Depending on what type of business you’re running, there are many different ways to track leads and conversions. For instance, if you’re a service based business then you’ll probably want to focus on phone calls, emails, or contact forms. Whereas if your business is e-commerce or subscription based, it’s easy to track those sales and where they’ve come from.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are a great way to get leads from potential customers and collect email addresses while avoiding putting your own email address on your webpage. Contact forms can not only filter out spam but also track conversions and make it easy to analyze your marketing funnel data from month to month.


Sometimes customers would much rather send an email on their own than use your contact form and there’s no issue with that, it’s always better to meet your customers where they are and be flexible to their preferences. These links are easy to set up and track around the site


This is a great way to track conversions for service based businesses. Not only do you make it really easy for customers to call you and avoid typos when typing in your number, but setting up these conversions can help you track how much of your new business is coming from 

E-Commerce & Subscriptions

Tracking conversions with ecommerce is usually as simple as it gets. Chances are that whatever ecommerce solution you are using on your website already has a built in inventory and conversion tracking. However, it’s usually worth integrating this with data with Google analytics so you can see where the traffic with the highest conversion rates are coming from.

Online Scheduling & Booking

While a feature like this does take a little more work to set up, it can be an extremely effective way to book appointments, and create and manage conversions on your website. This is an effective model for medical offices of all kinds, and can also work well for restaurants who want to be able to book reservations directly on their website.

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