How to Use your Facebook Busniess Page

Many business owners do not really realize how important and affective Facebook can be to attracting potential customers. Business owners typically do not put a lot of thought into their statuses, or what they share with their customers. A lot of the time, they just spit out some random facts about their company. I’m here to tell you that you need to put a little spice, and thought into what you post on your Facebook page. Having a well thought out status can help you get the traffic to your business you want.

Let’s discuss some of the strategies you can use to help attract more customers to your Facebook page.

1.) Scheduling: Over time, you will be able to see what times your customers most frequently go on to Facebook. Once you figure this out (after some experimenting), you will find your users’ “sweet spots” and when to update your statuses.

2.) Add Tags: When you are posting on Facebook, whether it is a status update, or you’re adding a picture, etc. make sure to tag your business website, a friend, or even another local business (probably not your competitor). Your main goal on social media sites like Facebook is to interact with your audience as frequently as possible. Using tags can increase interests and clicks.

3.) Add a Location: Adding a location with a lot of your status updates will create more content, and more content can lead to more interactions with your audience. It also helps show your customers the various cities and towns you provide your services to. For example if you install cabinets, you can create a status saying: “Going to Waltham, MA today to install new kitchen cabinets…”

4.) Add Pictures: Adding pictures to your updates will definitely grab more attention than just words. Everyone likes to look at pictures, especially interesting ones. Adding these pictures to your updates will generate more likes. Going off the example I used in strategy number three, you can take a picture of the contractor, who is going to install the cabinets, with one of the tools he or she uses to install the cabinets. Have you ever heard the expression: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Use this wisdom and use it on your Facebook posts!

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we can’t stress enough the importance of social media sites, like Facebook. It is important to put some thought into the posts you update. All you really have to do is find a way to gain the interest of your audience. You have to think like a customer, and think what he or she finds interesting. Would you find a status update that says, “we install cabinets”, interesting? probably not. But if you created a status that said, “Going to Waltham to install Medallion Cabinets, for the kitchen and dining room”, and had a picture of what the cabinet looks like or the contractor, it would be more interesting. Get a feel for your customers, and post some interesting updates!

-Joe Giorgianni

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