How to Use Website Data to Discover Missed Leads

Understanding data and being able to analyze metrics is one of the most important parts of a successful website. On your website, every click matters, but the end goal is for someone to either contact you to learn more or buy a product. In online marketing, we call these website conversations or leads, as they are the actions that you want visitors to take when they land on your website. You can get all of the traffic in the world to your website, but without capitalizing on leads, the traffic doesn’t mean much for your ROI. Let’s check out which metrics can help you make valuable changes to your website to gain more leads.

Exit Pages

One overlooked aspect of Google Analytics is the exit page metric. This helps let you know the last page that someone visited before leaving your website. Ideally, your visitors would be leaving most often on a thank you page, after they placed an order or filled out a contact form. When you’ve got high exit rates on other pages, especially the home page, it can be a sign that something is not translating well to potential consumers. Make sure that pages with high exit rates have strong calls to action, don’t lack content, and are usable on desktop as well as mobile. 

Identify Issues with Google Tag Manager

Today, web visitors expect websites to be fast, responsive and work every time. If your website has technical issues that are interfering with your site. Using a tool called Google Tag Manager, you can enter a debugging mode that will spot any issues. Plus this tool can let you track contact forms, and let you know where people may have abandoned. The page should look good on mobile as well. 

What Are Users Searching For?

If your website has a search function and people use it, take a look at what they are searching for. You can assume that whatever people are searching for isn’t easy to find on your site or isn’t there at all. This is an excellent opportunity to build content for users that they will find useful. If the information is on your website, make it more clear and easier to find and you’ll likely gain more conversions. Include keywords on the website with clear and straightforward information.

The Value of Traffic

As we alluded to earlier, some of the pages on your website are more valuable than others. Head back into Google Analytics and find out which pages get traffic, but have high exits or don’t convert. Those pages draw visitors with quality keywords but don’t quite convince visitors that they need your products or services. Make sure that the pages have clear CTAs and attract visitors. If you’ve got testimonials from past customers or clients, including them on pages with high traffic can build credibility greatly. 

One of the best ways to boost conversions on your website is by taking advantage of the traffic that you already have. Make sure that your website is optimized and streamlined with high-quality information. 

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