How to Use Twitter to Improve Search Engine Rankings

It’s no secret that social media is an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy. But the way that you post on Facebook is often different from that on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube. So, how specifically should you be posting on Twitter to grow your business? Here are some tips for how to grow your online presence and improve your SEO rankings using Twitter.

Optimize Your Bio

The first thing that users see when they search your business on Twitter is the bio. It is important to include a brief description of the business, use the company logo as the profile photo, include the location, and add a link back to the website. Also, try to make your twitter handle as close to the actual business name as possible, so the right profile will show up when users search for your business. Ensuring that your Twitter account has all accurate information helps it to get verified, which will improve search ranking as well.

Use Keywords

We all know how important using keywords is for SEO. Make sure to include them in your social media posts as well! Twitter increased its character limit to 280 characters per tweet; use the extra space to integrate keywords. Doing this will improve your searchability and push your content higher on search engine results pages.

Include Hashtags

It is also a good idea to hashtag certain keywords in your tweets. This will help your tweets show up in searches for that hashtag, and will drive traffic to your profile and ultimately your website. Studies have shown that tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement compared to tweets without hashtags. However, don’t go overboard using hashtags. 1-2 hashtags per tweet is ideal, as tweets with 3 or more tend to look cluttered and disorganized.

Add Links to Website

Including links back to your website in a tweet is a great way to improve SEO. However, make sure that the link is relevant to the content of the tweet. For instance, for a tweet that refers to a blog post, it makes sense to link directly to the post. Other times, it might make more sense to include a link to the home page or a ‘Contact Us’ page. Be sure to use your discretion!

Add Photos or Videos

Tweets with images or videos receive more clicks than those without them. And, tweets with more clicks tend to rank higher. Adding relevant media to your tweets makes them more visually appealing and gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their company. Including pictures of the team, office, or recent projects can make your business stand out from the competition.

Make sure that you’re optimizing your business’ Twitter account using these tips! These are quick and easy ways to boost your online presence and help your business rank higher in search engine results. To learn more about how to optimize your social media to grow your business, contact the professionals at Boston Web Marketing today!

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