How To: Using Twitter Analytics

Is your goal to gain more Twitter followers?  Do you want to be known as a guru in your industry?  Are you looking to promote or sell your product?

If you’re looking to revamp your Twitter marketing strategy, the first place you should visit is Twitter Analytics.

Twitter Analytics is a great tool to utilize to learn everything from how your following has grown over time, to gathering data on how your tweets’ perform in your followers’ newsfeeds.

How to Use Twitter Analytics

In the Twitter Analytics “Home” section, you’ll be able to view a monthly summary of your number of tweets, followers, mentions, impressions, and profile visits.  You can also view a breakdown your day-to-day performance rate.

Beyond viewing basic metrics, you can also learn more about your Twitter account and how your audience interacts with you using Twitter Analytics.  When you take the time to assess your profile, you’ll notice your content’s performance, how to create more engaging content, and how to avoid making mistakes in the future.

Here are a few ways you can analyze your Twitter profile.

Know what kind of content to post

Understanding the type of content to post is at the heart of your social media marketing strategy.  In your activity dashboard, you’ll find the metrics for all of your tweets’ impressions, engagement, and engagement rate.  Twitter Analytics provides the necessary insight you’ll need to generate the kind of content that drives user attraction that will lead to more followers and content engagement such as retweets and likes.

Analyze your followers

Twitter Analytics collects valuable information about your followers, such as demographics, location, interests, as well as track your follower growth over time. Knowing who your followers are you helps you better understand what type of content resonates with them the most and gives you the most engagement.

Track your growth

Twitter Analytics not only shows you how many followers you have, but it also and tracks your follower count over time, which helps you monitor dips in your following count, and helps you assess the type of content your followers were attracted to.


Utilize Twitter Analytics to figure out which tweets receive the most engagement and why, and use your insights to restructure your content strategy for future, more successful engagement.




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