How to Use The Meta Business Suite

Do you use Facebook and Instagram for your business? Meta Business Suite is an all-in-one social media management tool great for small business, but it can be confusing and difficult to navigate. This blog will explain how to use these platforms to manage your organization’s business page more efficiently.

Is Meta Business Suite Different Than Meta Business Manager?

Meta Business Suite is an app that connects your Facebook and Instagram business accounts, allowing you to manage posts, ads, and communications and track performance all from one place. So, is Meta Business Suite different from the Business Manager?

Meta Business Suite is the front end of your business account management, and the business manager is the backend. Meta Business Suite allows you to post and engage with your community on Facebook and Instagram. If you want more control of business settings such as page roles and billing, the Business Manager will have these options.

Some Tools of Meta Business Suite

All-In-One Platform

The Meta Business Suite allows you to manage multiple accounts from one place. Connecting to Facebook and Instagram consolidates your business activity and allows you to share content and analyze traffic without navigating to different tabs.

Social Media Scheduling

If you want to use a social media scheduling platform like the one we use here at Boston Web Marketing, you’ll need to connect the platform using the Meta Business Suite. This provides a more seamless social media posting experience.

Performance Insights

Want to know how your ads are doing? How do people respond to your content? What kind of people interact with your business pages? Meta Business Suite provides helpful performance, engagement, and audience data.

Inbox Management

Meta Business Suite collects all your messages from Instagram and Facebook into one inbox and leverages automation to help you organize your messages and comments faster.

Connect Your Accounts in Meta Business Suite

How to add Facebook Pages to Meta Business Suite:

  1. Visit Meta Business Suite on a desktop or download and open the app
  2. Log in or create an account by following the steps 
  3. Select the dropdown menu in the upper left
  4. Click the +Create a business account button and follow the onscreen steps
  5. Connect your account to the business account on your desktop

How to add Instagram accounts to Meta Business Suite:

  1. Visit Meta Business Suite on a desktop, click Settings from the sidebar on the left
  2. Click Business Assets
  3. Click Add Assets and select an Instagram account
  4. Review and agree to Meta’s terms for connecting your Instagram account, then click Claim Instagram account
  5. Enter your Instagram username and password in the pop-up, click log-in, and complete the two-factor authentication if necessary
  6. Click Confirm

Work with Boston Web Marketing

The Meta Business Suite can be a massive benefit for your business, but it can also be the last thing on your mind as a business owner. At Boston Web Marketing, we can set up your business on the business suite and ensure everything is optimized on your channel.

To get started with our team, fill out our online contact form or call us at 857.526.0096.

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