How To Use The Holidays In Your Next Social Media Campaign

The holidays are slowly sneaking up on us, so it is important to prepare for it now. Most businesses start to post on all social media platforms as early as October! So, making the most of the elongated festive season is important. Seasonal marketing campaigns that businesses do are so special to the consumer because they have strong emotional connections to holiday traditions with family and friends. In this blog, we will explore the best ways to evoke the nostalgia of joyful memories from the holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Trends

The end of the year is usually the busiest for services and online business. From October to December, this is the time of year when consumers find new products and services. Starting early and following the trends will put your business ahead of the curve. Focusing on social commerce and conversions to your respected website is critical because most businesses have already started their campaigns, and it’s only October!

Promotions For Your Next Campaign

People love a deal, so if you have a certain percentage off or a discount, that may be the nudge they need for them to buy your product or service. Making your discount social media post appealing and on-theme will greatly show your consumer’s thoughtfulness and trust. This can include a gift with a purchase or a chance to win a certain product.

Holiday Strategies By Social Media Platform

Before planning your social media campaigns, knowing which platforms you want to use and why is important. Knowing where your audience spends most of their time online is crucial. Posting on the social media channels that your users go on is the best way they will see your holiday campaign. Instagram is a great place to feature your promotions through links to your bio, and you can share reels and images of your products. You can boost your posts for the winter months on Facebook to help a wider audience see your campaign. Through TikTok, it allows for easy collaboration with influencer marketing, you can really go into educating your audience through film, and now TikTok allows you to set up a “Shop” where you can sell your products directly on the app. 

Contact Boston Web Marketing For Social Media Management

We can help you with online holiday marketing and social media strategies at Boston Web Marketing. To stay ahead of the trends, now is the time to start with holiday content. We create original social media pieces to set you apart from your competitors. Contact Boston Web Marketing to see how we can help your business’s social media this time of year.

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