Why Testimonials Are an Important Tool to Recruit Business

Are you looking for ways to increase the number of quality leads that visit your website? It can be difficult to find new ways to increase your website traffic, and even more difficult to identify and attract quality leads who are going to purchase your service or product. With so many marketing strategies and tools available, discovering which strategies work best for your business takes time and effort. Ensuring that your customers are leaving positive reviews is a great way to help verify the legitimacy of your business and attract other qualified leads. 

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How to Encourage Clients to Leave Testimonials 

Testimonials or customer reviews are extremely valuable for marketing purposes. It is one thing to market your product as the best, but having a paying customer confirm that the product or service that you sell is worth the money is essential to help convince other qualified leads to consider your business. However, it can be difficult to convince customers to leave a review without feeling like you’re spamming their inboxes. 

Google reviews can have a direct impact on your business’ legitimacy. There are various ways that you can encourage customers to leave a review on your Google profile. Depending on the industry, the strategy to get customers to leave reviews may differ. If you’re selling an online product, you can create a link to your Google profile on the checkout confirmation page. Offering a discount or incentive for customers who do leave reviews can also be an impactful technique. If you’re selling a service, asking the customer upon completion of a job or sending them a follow-up email after their service is a common way to contact customers without seeming like spam. 

How to Use Testimonials 

If you have positive testimonials, there are various ways in which you can use your testimonials to spread good feedback about your business. It is important to use positive feedback to its full potential to recruit new customers. Consider the following strategies for sharing testimonials: 

  • Share testimonials on social media posts 
  • Highlight testimonials on your website homepage 
  • Create a testimonials page on your website 
  • Share testimonials in newsletters
  • Add a testimonial section in your email signature

What to Do If You Get a Bad Review 

If you offer a space where customers can leave a review of your business, whether it’s on Google Business or social media, it is important to know how to handle receiving poor feedback. Google does not allow you to remove reviews from your business profile. If you receive a bad review, the best course of action is to respond by offering an opportunity to speak with a company representative one-on-one to discuss the issue in more detail.

 It is never a good idea to confront or argue with a customer on a public platform. Meeting with them in private is the most effective and least abrasive way to resolve the issue without trying to hide the poor reviews. How you handle poor feedback is still a reflection on your company and customer service. 

Contact Boston Web Marketing for Professional Marketing Services 

Testimonials are a great way to spread positive feedback about your company from customers who have paid for your services. It can be tricky to get customers to leave reviews, however, customer reviews can carry a lot of value by bringing in quality leads. If you’re looking for more ways to increase your website traffic, contact Boston Web Marketing. Our marketing experts are experts in finding new and innovative ways to boost your online presence. To get started, fill out a contact form online today!

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