How to Use Snapchat Geofilters as a Marketing Strategy

Snapchat provides an opportunity to reach a vast audience, as it is the most popular social media platform for teens between the ages of 13 and 17. Those ages are hard to reach with traditional marketing efforts. Marketing through Snapchat ad space can work, but that won’t allow your message to spread organically. To use Snapchat to the best of its abilities, you want to check out Geofilters. A national Geofilter can be seen by almost 60% of Snapchat users – which is around 60,000 people. You can also opt for local Geofilters, which can be used on college campuses, malls, and more.

What is a Geofilter?

A Geofilter is a location-based overlay that you can add to a Snapchat by swiping to the right once you take the photo. It is an excellent tool for promoting your business. If you create a Geofilter, any Snapchat user in the designated location can use it. This will attract a broad audience with little effort on your end. A Geofilter can get some foot traffic for your business. It can also help spread brand awareness to those using it and those seeing it.

Types of Geofilters

There are two types of Geofilters that you can create. There are both personal and business-oriented ones. To make one, go to Snapchat’s Create Filter or Lens product page and click “Create Filter.” Then you can upload an image or create your design. After that, select the dates you want it up and pick the location. Finally, specify if it is personal or business-related and check out.

Why Geofilters Are Important

How many times have you seen fantastic food on Snapchat, and wonder, “where can I get that?”. Having filters available for restaurants, stores, and more can allow Snapchat viewers to try new things without searching high and low on where to find them. It’s a great business and will always do more good than bad for your business. Luckily, Geofilters are relatively easy to create and aren’t super costly. Nowadays, most young people are looking at social media more than watching commercials. You will get better attention from teens and young adults by promoting your business through different platforms. At the time that Snapchat came out, did you think there would ever be advertisement options available? Probably not. Same with Facebook, even. Times are changing, and so are the ways of attracting business. Try out a Geofilter and see what it does for your company.

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