How to Use SEO to Increase Conversions

Most businesses prioritize increasing conversion rates when hiring an SEO consultant. This is understandable, as the conversions that occur on-page and off-page are most likely going to bring in the most revenue. Conversions can be seen as any action taken that converts visitors to customers, and/or taking any sort of action on the website – i.e., contacting the team, subscribing to a mailing list, etc. The most important first step to increasing conversions on your website is to analyze what pages are doing the best, and the last page people visit before leaving your site. Understanding what brings in visitors and what makes them leave is a great way to start improving your conversions. 

Mobile Friendliness

One of the commonly overlooked aspects of SEO is mobile-friendliness. Have you ever clicked on a website link on your mobile device and it was extremely difficult to navigate? Improving your mobile site friendliness is a great way to lower your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate of visitors to customers. Finding reasons why your mobile users are leaving your site before converting into a customer is a great way to rank higher over time. If you are aching to improve your conversion rates, you can’t overlook mobile site friendliness. 

Site Navigation & Site Speed

In addition to mobile site friendliness, improving your overall site navigation – on a desktop, tablet, and mobile – is a great way to keep visitors on your page. Keeping traffic on your page for long periods of time makes it more likely they will convert to customers. One of the best ways to improve your site navigation is to make sure that you have no broken links on your site. Visitors navigate every version of your site using the links located in your navigation bar, call to action buttons, blog posts, etc. If any of these links result in a 404 error page, it will encourage users to leave your site. In addition to this, making sure your site speed is working properly can also improve your visitor experience, therefore, encouraging conversions. 

Quality Content & Visuals

Another optimization tool that is useful for improving conversions is to create and publish quality content with great visuals. Having strong, built-out content on your site is a great way to rank higher on search engines, thereby increasing visitors and conversions. Building out content on each of your site’s pages will help you include more keywords into your pages which will result in ranking higher on search engine results pages. Including high-quality visuals on your site will make it so visitors inevitably stay a little longer which will result in google thinking the visitor found what they were looking for and ranking it higher for that search. 

Incorporating all the of these methods into your on-page and off-page presence is a great way to convert visitors to customers and increase revenue. Contact our team of SEO specialists today if you think you are on your way to more conversions but need a little help!

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