How To Use Search Console To Optimze Your Site

Google Search Console has been in the news a lot recently in the SEO world. Originally known as Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console has rolled out a brand new beta platform for webmasters anywhere. The most notable change is the ability to compare impressions, clicks, and other data for a period greater than 12 months. Now webmasters and marketers everywhere can compare year over year data, a vital metric to show clients improvements. Search Console really is an invaluable tool to use for Local SEO. The data from it can be used to improve your site and website conversions. Here’s one way we can use Google Search Console to improve rankings!

Using Search Console To Optimize Your Site

As we’ve mentioned, you can use Google Search Console to uncover insights about your website and traffic. One way to do this is quite simple, and you should be able to see returns real quick. The first step is to log into Search Console and go to Status > Performance. Remember, this is with the new Search Console.
From there, navigate to the queries section. This will give you an understanding of what users are searching to find your website on Google.
Take a look at the data presented, especially search terms that have high impressions, but a low click through rate. One example we can use is a local landscaping contractor. We found that they were getting impressions for the search term “gutter cleaning x county.”This query had a low click through rate.
After reviewing their site, it turned out there was no page for gutter cleaning service on the website. A simple solution is to create a service page for gutter cleaning. Check back in a few weeks and compare click through rates. You should see an improvement if you created a well optimized page!

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