How to Use PPC to Drive Mobile Conversions

Many marketers dedicate a significant portion of their advertising budget on PPC to drive online sales but how much focus is placed on phone calls?

Phone calls are some of the most overlooked leads in marketing. Though many focus on the internet as a primary form of communication, phone calls are still a driving force in the way people worldwide choose to communicate and share information.

Luckily, it’s easy to optimize your business and digital presence specifically for phone calls. Here are a few helpful tips.


Make Direct Calls Easier: Decrease the number of steps between finding your business and calling your business. You can do this by including phone numbers directly in ad copy, click-to-call links, location extensions, and call extensions.


Use Local Numbers: People tend to trust local numbers more than 800 numbers because there’s comfort in knowing a company has roots in their local area. This is indicated by a local area code, which perform better in terms of customer conversions.


Schedule Your Ads: Be sure to schedule ads to launch during your office hours when there are actually people available to answer phone calls. This is an often overlooked area of call quality – if no one is there to answer, customers will get annoyed and it may affect their impression of your company.


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