How to Use Poke Stop to Your Advantage for Local Positioning

As a business owner, having kids and adults coming into your business solely to catch a Pokemon, to then leave two minutes later can be a bit discouraging. You may even feel it brings a business down. At this point, you may be thinking that you don’t want any part of this, and would prefer for them to not come into your place. Before that feeling starts to settle in, consider joining in on the fun by creating an opportunity to bring more people in and make them stay.

My Business is a Poke Stop, How Do I Benefit From it ?

With more than 4 million users on the  Pokemon Go app, as a business owner having your establishment as a poke stop should be used as an advantage and a way to leverage it’s poke users for business. Who said that this could not be a win-win solution? There are places already implementing this idea, by promoting the business if the person catches a Pokemon at their establishment. For example, if you catch a Pokemon at an establishment, offer an incentive. For example if you have a business in the food industry share the Pokemon you found on the business’s social media sites, go on the site, add a review and offer a discount or a chance to win a prize. By doing this you are engaging the user, while also bringing attention to your business by driving traffic to your site. With so many people sharing, you will drive social engagement and location positioning. They  drive traffic to your business with Pokemon and you benefit from it.  This social media strategy is one we see flourishing with the new poke stops showing up every day.  It is time to get on board with popular culture apps and use them to your advantage.



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