How to Use Links to Increase Website Traffic

With organic search results becoming more competitive each day, it’s good to know what can help boost your website.  While there are numerous ways to boost your website search results, one simple way is commonly overlooked.  By implementing quality links to your website you can see a steady increase in search results over time. In this article, we will discuss how to best utilize links to help boost your website search results for years to come.

Utilize the Correct Type of Links

Nearly every webpage on your website should contain a well-versed mix of internal and external links. Internal links are links added that link back to a webpage on your website. An external link is any link that takes the user off of the website and onto a different one. Search engines advise website owners that links should be incorporated fluidly through a website rather than randomly implemented without context. This was put in place to prevent users from spamming random links on their websites to try and boost search results.

Use Links That Are Related to the Topic

Search engines also specifically recommend always having links that are related to the topic at hand. For example, if I add a link to the word “fruit” on a webpage a good link to add is a blog about “The Benefits of Fruit”. However, a bad link for “fruit” would be a construction website, this is because the two topics are not related. Therefore, when you decide to implement links whether they are external or internal make sure they correlate with the text you are linking to. This will not only help in search results but it will also help give your users a good experience on your website.

Increase Your Organic Traffic and Search

Once you begin to incorporate links in areas that flow with your content then you should begin to see changes in search results. These changes will not be immediate and may not be extremely fast however over time they will begin to change. The more time that passes the more results you will begin to see from your link usage. Having better search results for your website will gain more impressions and users. This means your organic search will be better than ever and your website will garner new users by simply existing. Not only helping your website traffic but also the traffic to your business if your website is associated with anyone.

If using links still seems a bit complicated or frustrating then contact Boston Web Marketing today. Their team of professional SEO specialists will bring you on the right track to success. Not only will they help implement links properly but they will also help optimize every other aspect of your website!

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