How to Use Google Smart Goals

Think of Google’s new Smart Goals as an extension of Google Analytics goal conversion and Google’s ability to collect traffic information. Essentially, Smart Goals are an easy way to use your best website visits as conversions. Google Analytics will anonymously collect data from your website’s traffic to identify trends. These trends will then be used to determine new goals based off of the data that was collected. Smart Goals can also be utilized to optimize your Adwords performance.

Google automatically knows when a user is likely to have high-quality traffic because of previous visits to your website that display characteristics of the high-quality traffic. These characteristics can vary from time onsite, website behavior, and the likelihood to convert.

How Smart Goals Work

Smart Goals uses machine learning to examine dozens of signals from your website visits. This determines which of those are most likely to result in a conversion. Each visit is scored with the best visit being translated into Smart Goals. After enabling smart goals in Google Analytics, they can be imported into Adwords.

Smart goals are useful for Adwords users who are

•    Businesses with long sales funnels

•    People who do not track conversions

•    People who track just one type of conversion

•    People who do not track enough conversions

Google will optimize your traffic automatically based on the data they have collected and show you metrics on your sites performance in relation to the smart goals that were set in place.

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