How to Use Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts

In addition to providing you with beneficial traffic insights, Google Analytics can be used as a notebook of sorts to record the changes you make to your website that could potentially affect your traffic. These insights will be able to help you make adjustments and understand why traffic could be increasing or decreasing year over year or even month over month.

What Are Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts & How Do I Use Them?

Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts notify you of any significant changes when it comes to your traffic and automatically generates alerts when they happen. Sometimes these changes are hard to notice if you’re not looking at your analytics on a regular basis but users now have the ability to add custom Intelligence Alerts with Google Analytics.

Pros of Intelligence Alerts

  • You will receive alerts within 24 hours of a significant change
  • If you live within the United States, you can set up text alerts regarding any changes
  • You can set up Intelligence Alerts on multiple properties within Google Analytics
  • You can keep track of almost any metric in Google Analytics

Cons of Intelligence Alerts

  • Setting up several Intelligence Alerts is very time consuming
  • Text notifications are not available outside of the United States
  • You cannot share Intelligence Alerts with colleagues

Why Intelligence Alerts are Useful

Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts let you determine how important each change you make is to your business. These alerts also let you know if there is an issue with your tracking code! This is especially crucial if you’re running a new campaign or launching a new product – you’re able to see how it is performing and the overall effects it has on your website as a whole.

How to Set Up Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Navigate to your admin panel and under the “view” column, select “Custom Alerts” under Personal Tools & Assets
  3. Click “+ New Alert”
  4. Set up your alert and save

Crucial Changes to be Alerted About

  • No traffic
  • No revenue
  • 404 Errors

Traffic Notifications to be Alerted About

  • Increase/decrease in organic traffic
  • Increase/decrease in referral traffic from a specific source
  • Increase/decrease in direct traffic

How Boston Web Marketing Can Help

Our team at Boston Web Marketing is trained and certified in Google Analytics and as our SEO representatives work on optimizing your website each month, they keep track of any increases or decreases in traffic so you don’t have to. From coming up with solutions to help you reach your goals or maintain your website because you simply don’t have the time to, our team is here to help!

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