How to Use Facebook to Increase Constant Contact Mailing List

Constant Contact is one of the most preferred methods for businesses when deciding to implement email marketing.  While some companies have immense lists of clients and customers that receive weekly or monthly newsletters, others may be in search of new ways to acquire more contacts for their mailing lists.  Facebook provides one such method for doing this, as you are actually able to include a tab specifically for joining a business’ Constant Contact mailing list on your very own Facebook business page.

  • Sign into the Facebook account that is linked to your Facebook business page
  • In the Facebook Search Bar: type in “Constant Contact- Join My list” and select the App
  • Click the “Add App” button and select your specific business Facebook page
  • Click “Add Page Tab”
  • Navigate to your business Facebook page and find the “Join My List” tab that should be located on the left-hand side of your company’s proifle
  • Click on the tab, log into your Constant Contact account and allow access to the App

The steps are simple and it takes no time at all for a visitor to sign up.  This could prove to be an effective strategy for increasing the number of people who will receive your newsletters, find interest in your brand, and consider utilizing your services.

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