How to Use Data to Improve Your Marketing Strategy in 2024

With 2024 just around the corner, you may be thinking ahead about how you can increase your website traffic in the new year. Evaluating your marketing strategy from the past is one of the most effective and direct ways to evaluate your marketing strategy. Data allows you to understand your strategy and highlight what did well and what needs improvement based on actual sales and traffic numbers. If you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy, the answers likely lie in the data from 2023. Contact Boston Web Marketing if you’re looking for ways to grow your online presence and boost business in 2024. 

Key Tools You Need In 2024 To Track Your Marketing Success

When considering how to measure the success of your marketing efforts, the truth lies in the numbers. Comparing data over multiple years can help paint an in-depth picture of your company’s success and shortfalls so that you can ultimately improve your strategy in the future. However, a major part of having access to the data that you need lies in the tools that you are or are not using. Here are a few tools you should be using to better track how your marketing strategy is working: 

Google Analytics 4: GA4 is the platform that replaced Google Analytics Universal. If you previously installed GA on your website, GA4 automatically continued tracking the aspects of your website that it could. However, in some cases, you may have needed to replace tags or update information to continue the tracking of custom metrics. GA4 is a goldmine for data collection and tracks the demographics of your audience, website traffic and performance, conversions, and more. It is a must-have for any website. 

Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics go hand in hand, but require separate set up. Google tag manager can be used to create custom tracking for specified events and conversions such as click-to-calls for your business phone number on your website. If you’re hoping to track sales or specific actions on your website, this is a great tool that you need to install. 

Google Search Console: Google Search Console is a great tool for insight into whether your content production was successful in driving your target audience to your website. It can measure your top website landing pages, including different blogs and service pages. This can help you identify popular services, as well as services that need an update or to be marketed more heavily. 

How To Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

If growing your business’s online presence is one of your 2024 New Year’s resolutions, you’re going to want to look at your marketing plan. Using the tools mentioned above, you can paint a detailed picture that explains where your marketing plan is succeeding as well as where changes need to be made in the new year. Here are some broad-scope trends that you should be able to understand about your marketing plan in 2023 to understand whether your marketing plan is working effectively. 

1) Understand the seasonality (if any) of your business: In many industries, you can expect that certain services are more popular than others. When considering your 2024 marketing strategy consider asking yourself whether you notice any periods where a specific product or service’s numbers drop. Identifying seasonal trends can help you focus your attention on what your customers want during any given time of year, or can help you address why a certain product isn’t performing. 


2) Identify what products/services were successful last year: Using Google Search Console, evaluate what pages and content were successful in driving traffic to your website. This can help inform you about what kind of content your customers like to see. Knowing what services do well can also help you brainstorm how you should shift that success to highlight new services that are underperforming moving forward. 


3) Consider what methods were successful last year: One of the hardest parts of any marketing plan is successfully reaching your target audience. Looking at the data available for the channels and platforms you used and see which were the most successful. You can combine the data available about what services were most popular to better address your target audience across platforms. 

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Whether you’re a well-established company or a start-up, marketing can be difficult to maintain. That’s why at Boston Web Marketing, we offer a variety of marketing services to help your business reach its goals. Whether you’re looking for new and innovative ways to expand your marketing efforts or want to start from scratch, Boston Web Marketing can help. Our marketing experts have experience in a variety of industries, giving us a competitive edge that can take your business to the top. To get started, contact us online or call us at 857-526-0096 today.

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