How to Use Alt Text for SEO

When it comes to fully optimizing your website for SEO purposes there are a lot of different aspects to keep in mind. Alt text for example is a crucial component to having images and webpages ranking well. By fully optimizing the alt text to your images you can help boost your entire website’s traffic and search results. In this article, we will go into detail on some tips to implement when writing alt text for your images.

Keep Alt Text Descriptive

For writing the best alt text you have to keep your writing specific and descriptive. Alt text is meant to be an accessibility feature, therefore you want to make sure the image is properly being depicted. If your image were to not load then someone can simply view your alt text and understand what the image is meant to represent. By using images relevant to the topic on the webpage you are also describing to search engines like Google, what this page should rank for. Search engines take every detail into account, making descriptive alt text for images that much more important.

Don’t Force Keywords

Whilst your alt text should be descriptive and try to represent every major detail in the image, it’s important not to force words in. By forcing keywords in areas that they do not belong in you are doing more harm than good. This does not mean you can’t have keywords in your alt text but try and keep it all relevant. For example, you can utilize keywords in your alt text when they are truly describing the image. You want all aspects of your content to flow together on your webpage. If a search engine believes you are keyword-stuffing in your alt text then your search rankings will be affected negatively. So next time you write your alt text make sure it properly represents the image!

Keep user Accessibility in Mind

Since alt text is a user accessibility feature it is important to consider how it will affect users. For users who utilize a screen reader to depict images you want them to feel supported and included. Most screen readers only read about 125 characters worth of alt text, so keeping your alt text around this range is the best. Search engines boost webpages that grant users a good experience and have everything accessible. This means your webpage and images can rank higher in search results just by doing the right thing for the users on your website.

Optimize Your Alt Text

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