How to Upload a Favicon

“Favicon” is the name of the small icon that you see in the tab on your internet browser. This is where most companies put their logo or an icon that reflects their brand’s colors. For the user, it is a helpful indicator of what each tab or window on their internet browser contains. It is convenient because internet browsing sessions typically end up with many tabs open. Having a favicon for your site can help guide a user back to your site.

bwm favicon
The BWM Favicon on the left side of the tab.





You can use your site’s CMS or FTP to upload a favicon. A favicon must be 16×16 pixels. Resize your logo and make any necessary crops to make it 16×16 and save it as an .ico file.

With a CMS such as WordPress, there are countless plugins that will make it easy to upload a favicon to the site. Many WordPress themes also have an option for favicon uploading.

You can also upload your favicon directly to your root folder in FTP.

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