How To Understand Your Analytics Report Part. 2

Analytics Reports can be a difficult thing to understand. Swydo reports have a ton of information regarding your websites traffic, conversions, KPI’s, social media and much more. Before you read this blog make sure to catch up on part 1 this saga here! In part one we went explain the KPI’s & sessions at the top of the report and their significance. Next, we went over channel performance and what exact;y you should be looking out for.

Conversions Per Goal

Conversions per goal can be set up by either your SEO rep or yourself. In order to make sure your conversions per goal are working correctly you need to do start by setting up Google Tag Manager. Once these are set up, the next step is to make the same goals in google analytics to see how the goals are tracking. You can set up as many tags as you want to track in Google Tag Manager & Google analytics. Conversions are actions that users on your website take that you would define as important. For example, if you have an Urgent Care and you will want to track the number of times people book an appointment. On your report, you will see a “Click to Call” or whatever it is you named that conversion and then the number of the conversions next to it. This is extremely important to your report because this break down will show you exactly what numbers are working and which ones aren’t.

Mobile Vs Non-Mobile

In this section of your analytics report, you will be able to see the breakdown mobile, desktop and tablet users. From here the break down will be the same type categories of KPI as the top of the report. In today’s day and age of technology, mobile users will usually have a majority of the traffic but every company is the difference. With this data, you can then customize your website to be more accessible to the most used platform.

Landing page performance

Your landing page performance will show you which pages on your site had the highest traffic. All pages should be easy to define, if you see some pages in this part of your report in another language or random numbers then there is a chance that your website may have gotten hacked or is tracking spam. This is not a huge problem and can easily be solved and taken down. Unfortunately, if you have a page that redirects to a spam page you will not have the conversions from that.

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